How to Run a Python Script in Mac OS X

Sometimes you may come across a Python script that you’ll need to run on your Mac in order to perform a specific task. For instance, I recently came across wp2tumblr, a Python script that allows you to import a WordPress blog into Tumblr. While I thought this was a great find, I suddenly realized that I had no clue how to actually run it on my Mac.

So, if this ever happens to you, here’s a quick tip on how to run a Python script in Mac OS X.

Difficulty: Beginner.

1. Open the folder (via Finder) where you have the script saved, so that you can refer to it’s name.

2. Open Terminal on your Mac and enter this command:

“Name” refers to the actual name of the script (ie. -> python

3. In my case, instructions on how to use the script were be displayed right in Terminal. All I had to do was follow along and further execute the script as instructed.

So there you have it. Running a Python script in Mac OS X is quick and easy to do.

Image Credit: kojihachisu

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