How to Create a Windows 8 USB Boot Disk

So you have downloaded the Windows 8 Developer Preview and wanted to give it a test in your machine. If you are planning to do a clean install, the fastest way is to burn the ISO file into a DVD and boot from it. However, as DVD ROM drive is getting obsolete, more and more PCs now come without the DVD ROM, the next best alternative is to create a bootable USB drive. Here’s how you can do it for Windows 8.

1. Download the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (if the download link doesn’t work, you can check out the page here).

2. Install the USB Download Tool in your Windows machine.

3. Run the application. You will see the first step, which is to choose the ISO file.


4. The next step is to choose USB as the media device. Make sure you have already inserted in your USB drive and it has at least 4GB of free space.


5. Click Start Copying.


The USB Tool will proceed to copy the files to your USB drive. Meanwhile, you can go for a coffee break and return 15 minutes later.


Lastly, when you see the message “Bootable USB Device created successfully”, you can restart your PC and boot from the USB drive.


That’s it.

Image credit: bfishadow

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