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Improve File Search & Navigation on Windows 8 Context Menu

Are you fond of registry hacks? For intermediate and advanced Windows users, the Registry editor is a no-brainer. With the right codes and settings, you can improve the desktop experience and tweak the default settings. We’ve covered some interesting hacks and articles like launching Administrator Command Prompt in File Explorer, 7 great registry tweaks, and several

How to Create a Bootable Windows 10 USB Disk

As of July 29th, 2015, Windows 10 has started its great rollout, leaving in its wake a swarm of Windows 7 and 8 users just waiting for the upgrade notification to pop up in their system tray. If you’re tired of waiting for the automatic download and upgrade, you could always go and create your very

How to See File Checksum in Windows

Whether you enjoy following the guides and tips we share, or you like to tinker with your computer in your free time, you have downloaded and installed programs from a variety of websites. Reputable websites tend to host original, unmodified copies of software and are keen to make this clear. After all, their reputation depends

7 Things You Can Do With Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana is one of the biggest features in Windows 10. Even though it originates from Windows Phone, it has now been fully integrated into the desktop operating system, making it a viable personal digital assistant on your desktop. Being a powerful digital assistant, Cortana can do a lot more than just tell you jokes and

How to Save Windows 10 Spotlight Images

In Windows 10 if you’ve enabled the Windows Spotlight feature, Windows automatically changes the lock screen wallpaper at set intervals. The good thing about this feature is that you don’t have to see the same wallpaper every day, and it also eliminates the need for changing the lock screen wallpaper manually. Moreover, you can also

Overtype, What It Is and How to Use It

Software changes reflect user demands in many cases, but it is curtailed by a need to remain usable among those happy with the older version.  It is the contentment among certain users that leads to certain features being retained between versions and across years. One of these features is “Overtype”, and it can be an annoying

How to Keep Your Windows Drivers Up to Date

Is it a good idea to keep your Windows drivers up to date? Generally speaking, yes. Although it’s a bad idea to obsess over it. So how often do you need to update your Windows drivers? The answer to that is that it depends. Not helpful? Let me elaborate. Usually, if things are working fine
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