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How to Take a Screenshot of the Login Screen on Mac

Mac OS X has some excellent screenshot tools available, both built-in and third-party. These can be very helpful, in the case that you need to quickly put a guide together to help someone troubleshoot his/her Mac or similar. One thing that the default screen capture tool can’t do is to take a screenshot of the

How to See the Print History on Your Mac

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how many print jobs have been done on your Mac? Well, Mac OS X does keep the log of all the print jobs that are done on your machine, and you can see this print history using the workaround explained below. It might be useful for you to know

OS X El Capitan – What’s New?

Of course WWDC isn’t the same without a big preview of the next version of OS X, and this year’s conference was no different. Apple presented its latest version of OS X that will be coming soon, OS X El Capitan. El Capitan, named after a mountain peak at Yosemite National Park focuses on improving

Using Text Shortcuts on Mac

Previously, we have shown you how to use text shortcuts on your iOS device for quick and efficient type. The same feature is also available on OS X which allows you to use small “phrases” or “a bunch of letters” as a replacement for a larger phrase that’s automatically entered when you type in the

How to Create an Animated GIF Screenshot on Mac

Many people use either screenshot images or screen recorded videos to communicate ideas visually, but there are times when a static image isn’t sufficient enough while a huge video file is an overkill. These are the times when the best solution is to use an animated GIF image that can show movement while still keeping
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