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How to Disable SMBv1 in Windows

SMBv1 (Server Message Block version 1) is one of the oldest protocols that is still enabled by default in Windows. Being an old and insecure protocol, recent disasters like WannaCry ransomware and Petya wiper used it to spread rapidly and infect thousands of systems worldwide. Since the world has already moved to a more secure

How to Install and Set up Rocket Chat

When it comes to team chat, most people think of Slack. It makes it so that team members can easily interact with each other and collaborate. Slack has many benefits such as bots, video chat, stickers and ease of use. Still, it is a closed-source tool and costs money. As a result, it’s not everyone’s

How to Build a Custom Kernel on Ubuntu

The thought of compiling your own kernels strikes fear in the hearts of new Linux users. It sounds terrifying, building the most crucial part of your system from scratch. The truth is, though, building the Linux kernel is really easy. Building Linux kernels does not require programming. Some of the best programmers in the world

Manage Your Linux Game Library With Lutris

Lutris is an open-source Linux game manager, but it’s more than that. It aims to provide a single unified way to handle gaming on Linux. It brings together all aspects of Linux gaming into one place. Steam, Wine, HumbleBundle, GOG, and even a whole range of emulators are all brought together for a relatively seamless

How to Integrate KDE Connect with GNOME Shell

KDE Connect provides an absolutely amazing convenience to Linux users who own an Android phone. It allows you to share files between the devices and view your notifications from your phone on your desktop. It even lets you send and reply to your text messages. There’s one drawback, though. What if you don’t like KDE?

5 of the Best Linux Distros for Gaming

When it comes to Linux, few people really associate it with gaming. Most people feel that gaming in Linux is not well supported and that there are very little or no games for Linux (which is a myth). Obviously this is not correct as there are plenty of open-source games for Linux as well as

How to Configure a macOS Sierra Server

macOS is not well-known for its capability as a server platform. In fact, you might say that the OS is ill-suited for it. But that would overlook the many network-based capabilities built into the base OS and macOS’s dedicated Server application. And if you have several Macs running on the same network, there’s no better
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